Tel Aviv University established a new center for Cyber Interdisciplinary research this week in cooperation with the National Cyber Bureau.

Major Gen. (Res.) Professor Isaac Ben-Israel, head of the Yuval Ne’eman Workshop for Science, Technology and Security at TAU will stand as head of the new Cyber Center.

“The Center aims to answer the cyber threat, which requires special preparations, at the state level, in the field of security and other fields in life, including academia,” Ben-Israel said on Tuesday.

According to Ben-Israel, the "cyber dimension" penetrates all aspects and areas of daily life. Researching this issue requires not only an understanding over the core disciplines - computer science, mathematics, and engineering - but also the social, legal, business, and philosophical fields.

Research topics at the Center will include key issues such as security software, attacks on hardware and software, cryptography, network protocols, security of operating systems, and networks as well as interdisciplinary research such as the impact on national security, the impact on society, regulation, and the effects on the business sector.

Currently there are some 40 researchers from numerous fields in the sciences, technology, and humanities from Tel Aviv University who will join the new Center and collaborate on cyber research.

“The new Center will be built on the basis of researchers from the university, among the various cyber fields, and will focus on studies and interdisciplinary research of cyberspace, in an effort to become a world-renowned center in the field and increase the academic involvement and awareness of cyber security,” said Prof. Joseph Klafter, president of TAU.

The center will manage a research fund with an initial sum of NIS 10 million per year for its activities. In addition, the center will organize conferences and seminars, inviting guest researchers and post-doctoral students, as well as enhance cooperation with industry, run educational programs and engage in cyberspace promotion and cooperation with researchers and leaders in Israel and abroad.

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