Presidential candidate MK Binyamin Ben-Eliezer is scheduled to undergo a kidney transplant next week, which he revealed in a cultural event in Kiryat Bialik Saturday.

One kidney will come from his son and another from a donor he does not know.

The Labor lawmaker and former defense minister, who, at 78, is the Knesset’s oldest member, undergoes dialysis three times a week and is set to undergo surgery on Wednesday.

Ben-Eliezer vowed that, following his recovery, he will immediately return to activity and win the presidency, and called the procedure “a routine and simple surgery.”

In 2011, Ben-Eliezer had severe pneumonia, was hospitalized for a month and was kept in a coma for almost a week.

During the event, someone in the audience called out to Ben-Eliezer, saying that he is corrupt.

“If someone has something against me and thinks I’m corrupt, he should submit a complaint to the police,” the MK retorted.

Ben-Eliezer also responded to a report on the Channel 2 show Uvda, which said he regularly visits casinos in Europe.

“Someone is lying about me because of jealously and hatred,” he said.

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