BACK TO THE lines? Magen David worker take a COVID-19 rapid antigen test at a Magen David Adom drive-thru site in Jerusalem on Monday.

What we don't know about the next COVID-19 wave

HEALTH AFFAIRS: Major guidelines, such as masks on planes or testing to travel, may have been canceled, but we wonder when the government – here or elsewhere – will grasp at these guidelines again.
 WHEN SHE was approached to apply to direct the nursing services at the new Bayit Balev hospital in Rishon Lezion, it was hard to turn down, says the writer. (Bayit Balev)

The elderly deserve a chance at rehab - opinion

 WEDDING CEREMONY of the granddaughter of the Belz Rebbe. Mea She’arim, 2014.

Who are Judaism's great women hassidic leaders?

 HUNDREDS OF loaves of challah in Elkins Park, Pennsylvania, last year for use on Shabbat and Jewish holidays. The book delves into new understandings of the Sabbath in contemporary times.

What does Shabbat mean in the modern era for Jews? - review

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