PLO launches Hebrew Facebook page to interact with Israeli society

"The Israeli government must choose between peace and settlements, between security and occupation," according to latest post.

November 8, 2015 09:45
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PLO's Hebrew-language Facebook page

The PLO's Hebrew-language Facebook page. (photo credit: FACEBOOK SCREENSHOT)

The PLO launched a Hebrew-language Facebook page with the aim of reaching out to Israelis earlier this month, which as of Sunday morning has garnered 185 "Likes."

The "Palestine in Hebrew" Facebook page, according to information posted on its wall, is an official page representing the PLO's Committee for Interaction with the Israeli Society, which was founded by the Palestinian leadership in December 2012.
Among other things, the page outlines the Palestinian vision, which according to its authors is the understanding that "reaching a just and sustainable solution to the conflict in the Middle East depends on the establishment of an independent Palestinian state alongside Israel on the basis of the June 4, 1967 lines and reaching a just and agreed upon solution to the refugee problem based on UN Resolution 194."

On November 4, the 20th anniversary of prime minister Yitzhak Rabin''s murder, a post claiming that "the occupation and the settlements are a cancer, that's what Yitzhak Rabin thought and that's why he was murdered" appeared alongside the #be_responsible_end_the_occupation," receiving angry comments.

Another post showed photos of a Palestinian woman and girls harvesting olives together with the text "Good evening to everyone from the villages of Palestine."

A post from November 5 showcased maps used by the MSNBC television network that, among other things, inaccurately claimed that in 1946, present-day Israel was under Palestinian rule, leaving out the fact that it was under British Mandatory rule until May 14, 1948, when the British Mandate came to an end, as well as a 1947 map which the graphic referred to as the "UN plan," despite the fact that the supposed 1947 borders never existed, since the UN's partition plan was rejected by all Arab countries. 

"Interesting, foreign media speaks differently of the occupation," said the text alongside the posted maps. "The matter at hand is that the occupation that we are fighting to end is the occupation following 1967."

MSNBC has apologized for using "not factually accurate" maps following the outrage that it caused.

The latest post, posted on Saturday, asks "what do the Israeli people choose?"

"The Israeli government must choose between peace and settlements, between security and occupation, but it certainly cannot hold these contrasts and at the same time claim that it seeks to reach a just and comprehensive peace in the region," it said.

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