Report: Shots fired at Abbas's home day after PA president attended Peres funeral

Israeli authorities, however, dismissed the claim, saying that a Palestinian civilian was most likely the cause of the disturbance.

October 1, 2016 14:18
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Former Israeli president Shimon Peres (R) shakes hands with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas (C) at the World Economic Forum on the Middle East and North Africa at the King Hussein Convention Centre at the Dead Sea May 22, 2015. (photo credit: REUTERS)

Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas's Ramallah home was reportedly struck by gunfire Saturday morning, a day after attending former president Shimon Peres's memorial service at Mount Herzl in Jerusalem, according to Channel 2 citing Palestinian media reports.

Israeli senior officials and a PA spokesperson, however, denied that such an incident took place.

"It never happened," Israeli authorities told Channel 2 Saturday.

They added that it was most likely due to a Palestinian civilian causing a disruption in the area.

It remains unclear what the exact nature of the incident entailed.

The conflicting reports come shortly after a Hamas senior official, Mahmoud al-Zahar, attacked Abbas during an interview with Iranian state TV.

Zahar dismissed the notion that Abbas represents the Palestinian people, charging that he is a pawn of Israel.

"For the millionth time: Abbas does not represent us, he is a creature of Israel, and I wish him to join the Peres in hell," he said.

Zahar also added that according to Islamic law Abbas is considered a Jew.

In a special condolence letter written hours after Peres's death, Abbas said the former president "took brave steps in creating peace with (former Palestinian Authority President Yasser) Arafat and (former prime minister Yitzak) Rabin," and expressed  “sorrow and sadness” on news of his passing.

The Palestinian leader was granted permission to attend Peres's funeral on Thursday by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, where the two greeted one another and shook hands.

The move sparked a stern rebuke from Israel's political Right, when Chairman of the Beit Yahudi party and Education Minister Naftali Bennett wrote on his Facebook page after the funeral: "I can not understand why Israelis stood in line to shake hands with Abbas, encouraging a murderer of Israelis who currently pays the pensions to the families of terrorists."

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