Yossi Melman

Yossi Melman

Yossi Melman is an Israeli journalist and writer who specializes in security and intelligence affairs . He is a recipient of the Sokolov Prize, Israel's highest award for journalist and Nieman Fellow at Harvard. His latest book which he co-authored with CBS News Reporter Dan Raviv is "Spies Against Armageddon: inside Israel's Secret Wars.

Visit Yossi Melman's blog: www.yossimelman.com and he tweets at @yossi_melman

Abdel Fattah al-Sisi

Sisi meets Jewish leaders, praises Israeli cooperation in war on terror in Sinai

undof golan heights

Analysis: Mortar shells over the Golan Heights, accident or border threat?

Terrorist attack at Damascus gate

Analysis: Are the Palestinians reviving the wave of terror?

Netanyahu Assad

Analysis: Is an Israeli-Syrian military conflict on the horizon?

Smoke rises during fighting in the village of Ahmadiyah in Syria

Can the deal to end Syria's Civil War succeed and is it good for Israel?

Mahmoud Abbas

Analysis: Abbas, the KGB and the world of Middle East espionage

FORMER LEADERS (from left) chief of staff Shaul Mofaz, prime minister Ariel Sharon, and defense mini

‘We ate from the same mess tin’

Israel Iran

Israeli who dealt arms to Iran to be extradited to US

Discours du leader de la milice chiite, dix ans après la fin de la guerre avec Israel

Hezbollah : bientôt la banqueroute ?

Un agent de sécurité du Hamas examine un cratère après la frappe israélienne

Après un tir de roquette sur Sdérot, la riposte graduée de Tsahal

Syria Russia

The next complex chapter in the Syrian conflict: Turkey

Palestinian Hamas militants take part in a rally in memory of their seven comrades

Latest Gaza-Israel flare-up a war-game shift

Gaza Strip

Analysis: Rockets from Gaza endanger fragile peace

A SOLDIER near Metulla monitors Lebanon

'Explosives found at Lebanon border were part of Hezbollah terror plot'


Analysis: What Israel gained from the Turkey deal and what it means for the region

IAF's 669 unit in action

WATCH: The IAF's 669 rescue unit in action


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