Yossi Melman

Yossi Melman

Yossi Melman is an Israeli journalist and writer who specializes in security and intelligence affairs . He is a recipient of the Sokolov Prize, Israel's highest award for journalist and Nieman Fellow at Harvard. His latest book which he co-authored with CBS News Reporter Dan Raviv is "Spies Against Armageddon: inside Israel's Secret Wars.

Visit Yossi Melman's blog: www.yossimelman.com and he tweets at @yossi_melman

A Canadian soldier from the NATO-led coalition force turns his back away

Israel participates in its first NATO field exercise in 6 years

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan makes a speech at the Presidential Palace in Ankara

Analysis: Hamas operating from Turkey as usual despite Ankara's promises

A light installation is seen in the reception room of the former Soviet Committee for State Security

In Depth: The KGB's long history of running agents in Israel

Shimon Peres

The French connection and Israel's alleged nuclear prowess

Ofek 11 satellite

Report: South Korea mulls leasing Israeli spy satellite

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Analysis: Unprepared but able to improvise

Peshmerga forces advance in the east of Mosul to attack Islamic State militants in Mosul, Iraq

Will the inevitable reconquest of Mosul be the death knell of ISIS?

A SATELLITE view of the Fordow nuclear plant

Just the facts: Iran's uranium enrichment and its nuclear potential

Terror Israel

Analysis: Many unanswered questions remain after Jerusalem attack

Azmi Bishara

Arab party founder, accused of Hezbollah spying, reportedly given US visa

iaf jet

Analysis: Hamas understands that Israel has changed the rules of the game

Lebanon's Hezbollah members carry Hezbollah flags during the funeral of Adnan Siblini

Analysis: Hezbollah’s drug trail


Comment: Israel borrowing the language of its war on terror to fight BDS

US Israel

An unprecedented American aid deal to Israel?

Yossi Cohen

Jerusalem Post 50 Most Influential Jews: Number 12 - Yossi Cohen

Shimon Peres

Shimon Peres: The architect of Israel's nuclear program


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