It was pouring down yesterday on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. Actually it has been pouring down in Jerusalem for two days now!,
It is very fitting, I have no question that God was crying when he saw what was happening during the Holocaust to His people, and no one did anything to prevent it (except a handful of Heros that gave their lives to try safe some of the Jews)

I live very close to Yad Vashem, I see this place every single day, and I have been there many times!
When I enters this place, something inside of me instantly hurts. My heart is breaking every time when I come face to face with this evil!

I know this place very well from all my visits, and I never leave this place with out tears running down my face. There is a darkness over that place that just goes into my guts and rips me apart! But yet its the one place that people HAS to visit and bring their families, because if we dont remember and learn from history, then history will repeat it self.

Today the world is very busy telling The Jewish people what their Capital is, what their borders are, where they can build, and not build, that they are occupying their own land, it's outrageous!!

Israel is strong and striving, Israel is a super power, you don't push Her around anymore, Israel is a huge blessing to the world!
Israel stands for everything that's is fair and just, and we need to wake up and stand with her against all the evil.

What Israel has accomplished since the Stae was re-born in 1948 is nothing shorter than a miracle, the dry bones truly came alive..
As I live in Jerusalem, I see how they Jewish people are smart, clever, helpful, and they are always the first nation to send out teams to help other nations when disaster strikes, even when it strikes it Nations that hates Israel. But the Jewish people has compassion and they value life like I have never seen in any other place!

That has of course everything to do with their history, how they have been hunted and killed down through history just for being Jewish, we still see that on the streets in Israel today!  
The Holocaust is over, but there is still much evil in this world coming against the Jewish Nation!

 Israel is the center of the world, everything revolves around Israel, that's why the hate and fight about Her is huge!
Gods covenant to the Jewish people will never change, The Jewish people owns this land!
Let's stand with them, let's love them and let's bless them with our prayers and finances!

God bless you Israel as we remember and honor more than 6 million Jews being murdered simply just for being Jews!
You are not alone, I stand with you!

You truly are a light among the nations!

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