An Uri Tzvi Greenberg poem for Memorial Day

Breaking news (photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
Breaking news
(photo credit: JPOST STAFF)
From his Collected Works, Volume 7, page 19, oriiginally published on January 23, 1948:
Those Who Live-Through-their-Virture Say
They were the very best, joyfully singing...and their voice is silenced.
Sons of the race of David who fell and their sword in their hand.
They were simple and so darling as the lad David from the family of shepherds ..
And, o God! they praise you from the soil,
The soil they are closed in is not the earth of death ..
From this type of earth You created Man of the ancient time.
From this type is also the Temple Mount, the soil and the rock.
Those who praise you from this type of soil -- they are immortal!
There is no truth but theirs and there is no glory but only theirs.
And we of this universe - without them - are but
Living through their virtue.  Their shine endows us with a gift.
Those who look at their grave cease to be a slave - -
(My translation)
Uri Tzvi Greenberg
died on May 9, 1981, 5th of Iyar, Yom HaAtzmaut.