The term "Jew-washing" was first used by Gerald Steinberg and Yitzhak Santis in their op-ed in late July. It earned a philological comment. And those who felt threatened criticized it.  And another critique is here.

"Jew-washing" was defined as

  bringing Jews forward by non-Jewish organizations in order to cover up charges of anti-Semitism.

These Jews volunteer their services for the cause.

I published an earlier comment.

I also attempted at being a Safire-type language maven.  It was rejected.

Now in the major mainstream media, the Wall Street Journal, it has appeared in an oped written by Richard Landes and Benjamin Weinthal:-

..not that she is an anti-Semite, but that she is the useful idiot of anti-Semites, and that she allows them to "Jew-wash" their genocidal hatreds with her good name.

So, I have made another attempt at being a language maven:

Will it be accepted?

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