How Jews and Christians can express their spirituality

Since I remember myself, I remember a young kid who questioned everything – why it is as it is and not made differently. I was questioning everything not to denigrate but rather to find out the essence of an object in question and whether this object can be made better.
To make something better, you have first to know what is GOOD and what is BAD in an object in question, and gaining this knowledge for everything I was encountering in my life had become the spiritual and professional quest of my entire life.
In the spiritual realm, I was searching for the guiding source of our morality and what this source guides us to do. Since I am a Jew who believes in One God for everybody, even for anti-religious people and anti-Semites, I was searching for unifying moral guidance for everybody in Judeo-Christian realm where I live – the unifying guidance that leaves adequate space for spiritual competition and individual freedoms. 
In the professional realm, I as a scientist was searching for scientific fundamentals the use of which may enhance GOOD, restrain BAD, and eliminate EVIL.
In the dictatorial Soviet Union where I was born, it was gravely dangerous to question anything beyond the area of your narrow professional responsibilities. This and the state-sponsored anti-Semitism forced my family in 1970s to immigrate to the USA.
In the freedom loving Judeo-Christian America, I hoped to find various Jewish communities treating each other with love and having common goals in building a better world for everybody, but I did not find that.
In the freedom loving Judeo-Christian America, I hoped to find Jews and Christians cooperating with each other in building a better world for everybody, but I did not find that.
In the freedom loving Judeo-Christian America, I hoped to find almost everybody with clear understanding of the utopia of the big government helping the people to be happy, but I did not find that.
Therefore, I had begun questioning and researching on why it is so and what could be done.
·         Why in the USA, where an individual can be a truly free one demanding from the government only security for exercising individual freedoms, some demand the full government care with no personal responsibility?
·         Why some people outside the USA are risking their lives to obtain individual freedoms while the others are easily trading their individual freedoms for government-imposed servitude?
·         Why we are harming our Judeo-Christian spiritual foundation to advance the globalization idea?
·         Why Jewish and Christian spiritual leaders are scared of defending Judeo-Christian principles in the government legislative work?
·         Why the Jewish spiritual leaders are not able to unite the Jewish majority around the idea of building a better world for everybody with everybody?
·         Why Orthodox rabbis prefer indoctrinating instead of reasoning in free-of-all discussions on the interpretation of the Torah thus severely limiting their spiritual influence? 
·         Why we are afraid of letting everybody to have a personalized individual image of God?
·         Why most of our rabbis are scared of Christianity instead of treating Christianity as a Jewish victory over paganism?
·         Etc.   
I am not just questioning and researching – I am writing about all my discoveries and making them available to everybody for spiritual deliberations. I am writing since I believe many Jews and Christians are questioning all in the above as I do but just do not have time and analytical tools to get answers on their own.
I believe my writings are of interest to others. 
It is so because
·         my goal is not to prove that somebody is wrong – too many people are busy with this; my goal is to find out why this somebody is different and what might be a common spiritual foundation that can transform this somebody from a spiritual adversary into a spiritual competitor 
·         my guiding light is the Torah/Bible – not in rabbis’ interpretations, although their interpretations are a good start, - but rather in the Torah-guided search of the true meaning of the image of God since we all “are made in the image and likeness of God”
·         my core interest in the Torah/Bible is not the religious rituals but rather the meaning of Eternity and Creativity for us the humans since we are created “in His image and likeness” – in the image and likeness of Him who is the Eternal and the Creator
·         my deliberations are based on the reason leading to faith – not on the faith neglecting the reason
  • my writings are based on my life endeavors – under dictatorship and freedom, in religious and atheistic communities, being fairly poor and fairly rich, subjected to severe anti-Semitism and fighting the anti-Semitism, in places with historically established traditions and traditions in making.