Nick comes from London. He is my friend who studies Hebrew with me.

“I was born in London, England and with the exception of my university days I lived there all of my life. I have had a traditional Jewish upbringing, attending Hebrew classes as a child, culminating in my bar mitzvah like all good Jewish London boys. Since then my focus was more towards school and then work. My first job was as an accountant, before moving across to TV, most recently working in Strategy and Operations for a production company called Endemol. I had a good life, but there was something missing. One day I woke up and saw how my whole life was going to be and it wasn't what I wanted. I realised I was just doing the same thing every day, it was boring, predictable and lacked any adventure. Having been to Israel many times before I decided to roll the dice and make a change. 10 days later I had all the Aliyah documents approved and several months after that I was on the plane on my way to Israel. Ulpan has so far been an excellent experience with so many like minded people from all around the world. It is inspiring for me to see the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Today I feel like my future truly can be whatever I want it to be, the uncertainty makes me excited, and the adventure endless.”

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