In Parshot Vayikra and Tzav we are instructed about the variety of offerings that are to be made to Hashem. The first offering that is discussed is known as the עולה, which is not shared with the public or the priests (except for the hides), but is entirely dedicated to Hashem. עולה has in its narrow meaning something that is raised up. It is no coincidence that an immigrant Israeli is also referred to as an עולה. Native born Israelis, sabras as they are called are great in their own right, but the עולה has special meaning to Hashem and for Israel. Be proud.  Walk tall.

An עולה who in English-speaker is called an Anglo.  An Anglo עולה is commonly depicted by native born Israelis as cowboys whether or not they hail from the USA, as they are often Canadians, Brits, Australians, South African and the like.

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Last week in Nahariya, a dozen of us Anglo Olim cowboys participated in the Purim Parade.  We did not just march.  Please understand:  Cowboys do not march.  Cowboys swagger.  When Cowboys walk, they walk with their heads held high.  They walk and talk and act with confidence and pride. Cowboys have an independent nature.   Sometimes they are even aggressive.




Think of John Wayne and you will know what I am saying.  How about Clint Eastwood in Sergio Leone’s “Spaghetti Westerns”?  Now you are getting the picture.  When our Anglo Olim group put on their cowboy hats and red bandannas they were transformed.

 We strolled down Hagaaton Boulevard, high-fiving the youngsters along the way.  We could have been the “Magnificent Seven”.  The crowds cheered; they loved us, and we loved them back. It was a great day for Nahariya.  And a great day for the Anglo עולה.


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