Culture is dissolving because lies are presented as inarguable truth, especially to the educated classes and the majority of the young elites (i.e. Silicon Valley, academics). The closer one comes to wisdom the further they are from the conventions of the day. Wisdom and reason are usually opposing forces, as reason is really a means of making subjective opinion objective truth by self-interested people. As one with a curious mind grows older, one finds that the virtues blindly offered as inarguable truth have something very sinister at their roots. Some things are presented as fact, when they are anything but. These flat out lies foment disruption and disunity.

Some examples of utter bullshit passing as falsifiable truth are as follows: it is better to explore diversity of cultures than to impose positive shared values on diverse communities; all cultures hold equal values; it’s pretentious and elitist to know things about history, reason, political structures, culture and religion; democracy works regardless of whether the public is informed; all political parties are equally bad; happiness comes mostly from being true to one’s self; and finally, self-interest is preferable to wisdom and love.

Since man once knew their self-interest was a destructive force, people fought their selfish qualities. Self-interest was shameful. Thus, most people sought to sacrifice for the betterment of their communities and were happier with smaller desires. Even if they were shamelessly self-interested, virtually all people still made sacrifices for the people they loved. Today, the masses live absent of shame in their pursuit of acquiring more for themselves at the expense of others, while believing in their inherent goodness stemming from socially progressive values. Very smart people in their desire to rid the world of cultural bias have made themselves immune to common sense, highlighting stereotypes that divide people culturally. I believe all this degradation stems from the reversal of one position. Mankind used to believe they were inherently evil, while today they believe their nature is good. They have lost the understanding that the development of culture is the only reason Cincinnati isn’t composed of tribal warlords.

While some 17th and 18th century philosophers posited that man is inherently good, it was a minority opinion. Shame and fear of God no longer matter even to those who purport to hold religious and/or ideological beliefs. While religion still has a transcendent effect on what people will or will not do in their personal lives, those with “virtuous” political stances make no effort to enact these values in their relationships with others.

The most vocal leftist voices are elites who purport to be socialists, who don’t pay their fair share of taxes and live walled off from society in their many vacation homes, paying a lower percent of tax on earned income than waitresses. The main reason for this is their lack of shame, stems mostly from not fearing God. All people basically do whatever they want as long as they can get away with it.

Religions, like most other institutions have lost their credibility, so virtue signaling has become its own kind of dogma. This is why it has become socially reprehensible for those in the Upper Middle Class to support Israel, Christianity, strong borders, law and order and a host of other things that in and of themselves are no different than the policies of the Democratic Party a decade ago.

If Martin Luther King were to make the “I have a dream” speech today it would be deemed culturally insensitive as it is in direct opposition to the calling card of multiculturalism. Rather than dream of a world above racial divisions, where black and white children live as one, Americans now are indoctrinated with a message that our differences in culture should be highlighted. American values, such as a basic understanding of civic responsibility and upward mobility are dissolving and viewed as old fashioned, snobbish and racist. Instead of celebrating the exceptionalism of the ideal that anyone can be president with a bit of luck, intelligence and work ethic, curriculums are founded on the inherent unfairness of America.

Instead of feeling shame that one does not achieve anything meaningful, or strive to make the world better, young people are taught to blame the powers that be and that by donating five dollars to intrinsically flawed charities by SMS they are doing their part to make the world a better place. Though it is a compelling argument that banks have too much power and are structured as tools of oppression, people are not limited by anything but their lack of courage and lack of connection. This is a systemic problem as the world is building an environment that teaches people to blame others and divide by shared interests and ethnicities. Young people often give up on their dreams too easily. Though they dream of a fair world of more inclusive values, they tend to distract themselves with entertainment, developing as individuals splintered into subcultures. Without a shared sense of responsibility these bloated desires eventually lose their luster and we end up with depressed people living in a nihilistic culture.

The lack of shame also bleeds into the economy and governments. When a Jew was in trouble say a hundred years ago, he would get help from his synagogue. This would cause shame in the individual, leading him to devote himself to God with more power and find the means to repay the charity he or she was given. Today, social welfare has huge swathes of the population receiving aid from the government absent of shame. The person is taking anonymously from an entity without a face with no incentive to change one’s situation. Most of the time the person receiving the aid is penalized for turning their life around. As robotics become cheaper this looks to get even worse.

Automation has gradually streamlined production, so that there is an abundance of resources without a need for workers. Many are predicting that robots will replace the majority of workers, requiring and potentially paying for universal basic income. In our lifetime, we may see the majority of the people in developed countries given a decent salary for sitting at home all day. The main beneficiaries look to be junk food manufacturers and drugdealers in my humble eyes.

Inevitably a populace without a purpose in life will become more depressed and nihilistic. While what is presented above looks like a hopeless state, only from complete darkness can a revolution in consciousness occur. As the great Kabbalist Isaiah Horowitz wrote in the early 17th century, “At the end of our suffering, at the time of redemption, not only will we return to the degree of greatness that we had before, but there will be a great advantage for the future light, a great many degrees over what was before, and this exalted advantage comes about by the force of darkness and troubles.” This is because redemption comes from sorrow.

Kabbalists describe a world above our current senses where all that exists is light and darkness, a sensation that lifts us above this world where pure pleasure emanates from our connection. Only in a spiritual lull is it possible to alter the broken consciousness of the world that does not yet feel the necessity for love above self-interest. Unfortunately it requires a time where most things feel meaningless to most people. Universal basic income is bound to be that catalyst.

The free time afforded to the majority will be an opportunity for the people to recalibrate themselves to the forces above this world. They will be forced to turn to God. Since religion has lost its authority over most, this connection with God will be for all the people in the world with a desire to answer the big question, “What is the meaning of my life?”

When a large group of people all collectively feel the hopelessness of humanity, a spark will awaken in their hearts to know God and the gates of wisdom will open before them. From a state of disconnection people will be compelled to connect above their differences and their nature to restore balance as virtually every sphere of society is on the verge of crisis. The only antidote to widespread depression and dissatisfaction is connection and unity. While it will take a lot of collective sacrifice, this sacrifice promises the formation of a better world that will work in concert with the imperceptible goodness and perfection of the Creator, who is crying out for the world to be redeemed.

The Creator will be known as people without anything but time will be drawn to the under the knowledge that humanity’s true purpose, “is the fulfillment of the duties of the heart — to acknowledge the Unity of God in our hearts, to believe in Him, to love Him, resign our souls to Him, and make His name the unifying central thought of all our conduct,” as Bahya ibn Paquda wisely advised in the 11th century. People will see that wisdom comes from simple actions that come with little recognizable reward, that fulfillment comes from devotion to God through connecting with and loving others above everything that divides us.

Jesse Bogner is a twenty nine year old author, screenwriter and journalist. His memoir and social critique, The Egotist, has been translated into four languages. In 2013, he moved from New York City, where he was born and raised, abandoning a decadent lifestyle chockfull of substance abuse, to study Kabbalah in Israel. He is currently writing a novel.

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