Yesterday, the U.S. president declared Jerusalem the capital of the state of Israel. Even before the official announcement, the world was hysterical that the two state solution was now buried. Why? Because the international community asserts that peace is only possible through a two state solution. Said solution is meant to be begot from diplomatic talks. All of this assumes that civilized reasoning is possible between the two parties. At present, it is not.

The Palestinians have been offered and declined peace on numerous occasions. The Palestinians have a list of demands, when those demands are not met, violence and terrorism ensues. It is in this regard that the state of Israel and the international community have been held hostage - any forward momentum has been met with Palestinian violence. It is under the pretext of Palestinian violence that a stalling process - not a peace process - has been generated.

By moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem, by recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of the state of Israel, the U.S. demonstrates itself an unwilling partner in the international consensus for lassitude concerning the Arab-Israeli conflict. Said announcement further signals that violence as a means for gaining international placating is not a viable long-term solution for the Palestinians. America will not be a hostage - both sides of the conflict are to be challenged by the present U.S. administration to be responsible, historically accurate, diplomatic actors. Holding both parties to equal standards is a base for eventually reaching consensus.

Yesterday’s announcement benefits not only the Israelis, but also the Palestinian people. Previously, the stalling process has only served to benefit Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (the governing entities dictating to the Palestinians). Until recently, the Palestinian governments have utilized the stalling process to prevent the people they are responsible for from questioning their leaders. The Israelis and the conflict have acted as the scapegoat for Palestinian leadership. Without a conflict with the Israelis, Hamas and the Palestinian Authority have no one to blame for the low standard of living present in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank.

Lastly, by asserting Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, the U.S. is publicly accepting historical fact. Within the international community, it has become popular and acceptable to regularly deny or re-write Jewish history. In the United Nations, the connection of Jews to Israel has been denied and Jewish connection to a sundry of holy sites has been questioned. Despite thousands of years of wars, sieges, various empires, exiles and conquests, the Jewish connection to Israel and Jerusalem has been constant. From ancient Israel to modern Israel, Jerusalem has and will continue to be our capital. Stating fact is not a hindrance to peace, it is a step towards it. 
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