Israel brings much “Displeasure”!


Anybody who identifies as anti-Zionist, anti-Israel, even if one professes to be Jewish, cannot be considered anything other than a representative of a very marginal group in the Jewish world. These Jews opposed to Israel as though their actions are distraught with painful consequences. Their involvement in broader Jewish life is quite often limited to identifying themselves with opponents of the Jewish state. Their real function is, to identify with the non-Jewish, anti-Israel activists to avoid exclusion in the non Jewish world, which they believe is both social and financially beneficial for them. Jews taking an anti-Israel stand, will always be looked upon with suspicion, mistrust, detest, and as a plant to infiltrate Israels adversaries for Mossad, never truly accepted into the non Jewish anti Israel camp. Why should this be of surprised? There are Jews that supported ”Communism”, that has claimed the lives of some 94 million brutally murdered innocent people.

Neturei Karta, takes an anti Israel stand for fear that their own flock would place Israels leaders before and above their own rabbis. For them it is about controlling the minds of their followers and not allowing them to ever think differently. Left wing, anti Zionism, anti Israel, people have marginal influence in the Jewish sector. It attracts attention because, of its bizarre willingness to ally itself with groups whose values are the polar opposite of the “Left’s” own principles. They ignore hate for Israel as it consumes them more than does their desire to defend the values they claim to hold. Non Zionist Jews are pleased that Israel exists as a haven for oppressed Jews and as a land of inspiration with holiness well suited for Torah study.

Why do Jewish supporters of minority, women and gay rights ally themselves with people who are totally opposed to Jewish-Israel values, in order to demonize the Middle East’s only democracy? Those Jews that oppose the existence of the Jewish State, are effectively promoting for themselves a long-term conversion away from Judaism as well as inciting terrorism.

Jeremy Ben Ami, of J Street, home of the “ Bibi, does not speak for me” campaign, an anti Israel group that lobbied intensively in support of the Iran nuclear deal and for Obama foreign policy issues, spent $3.2 million on pro deal advertising, said the “defeat for AIPAC has shown that the group no longer has a lock on American Jews, and that lawmakers who might once have feared the political consequences are breaking with the group and are no longer intimidated”. Amna Farooqi, the president of J Street U, J Street's student subsidiary, is a radical Muslim, promotes hatred for Israel and its leaders, supports violence against Israel, Hamas, BDS and implies support for Palestinian terrorism. She condemns Israel for its occupation and racism. She makes it clear that J Street, no longer has any right to claim to be “pro-Israel, pro-peace.” Alan Dershowitz has said, "I went back and I read every single J Street press release from the first day of its existence, I could not find a single one of them that praised Israel. How can you be a pro-Israel organization and never express any pro-Israel views? "

Jewish Voices for Peace and Jews Say No! who boasts, “Boycott Israeli Apartheid” and “New York Jews Say: Not in Our Name,” demand an end to American support for Israel, hold events throughout the US and around the world. They view the current hostilities as deplorable, or even criminal. This leverage of their political power and funding comes from outside Israel in order to change Israeli policies, but they ignore the consequences of removing themselves from Judaism as the next generation sees very little value in being Jewish, even by name.

Cheers for US vice president Joe Biden’s criticism of settlements at the Reform movement’s recent convention reflect a long standing position of the organization. Progressive Judaism defines itself as a movement for social justice, civil and humanitarian rights, gender equality and pluralism, supports a Palestinian state, ending the occupation and eliminating settlements. Opposition to settlements supports Arab insistence that violence against Israel is legitimate. Opposition to settlements ignores Israeli security, the threat of jihad, the PLO and Hamas covenants, of Israel’s destruction. Since there is consensus in Israel that settlements are a strategic asset and there is no longer any possibility of removing them, the Reform movement’s opposition is difficult to understand. Most Israelis agree that withdrawing from “the occupied territories” would turn these areas into launching sites for more terrorist attacks, like that coming from Gaza. Moreover, the large number of Jews living in there, more than a half million, has passed well beyond the point of no return.

If removing the settlements is not a realistic possibility, because it will harm Jews, Israel and no Israeli government would even consider such a move, why do liberal Progressive Jews continue to promote it? Although some current and former Israeli leaders, academics, writers and pundits support calls to “end the occupation” and champion the cause, they have little popular support at home. There is increasing support for settlements, because of disenchantment with Palestinian promises.

UK's Jews, Boycotting Israel Goods says “It aims to speak for all of us. But we say Israel and Zionism does not represent us.” Refusing to be wrapped up in a cause that is blindly and destructively nationalistic, expressing solidarity with Palestine and reclaiming ownership of Jewish identity.

Anti-Semites succeeded in murdering six million Jews only after significant parts of the supposedly enlightened world accepted as a matter of fact that Jews were dangerous and inferior beings. Genocide became legitimate when this attitude permeated universities, the intelligentsia, and other elites.

In Washington DC the Jewish Federation funds an anti-Israel theater company called Theater J. The Manhattan JCC, partners with organizations that call for a boycott of Israel. Anti-Zionist Jews, while vocal, are not mainstream. The American Jewish community largely remains deeply supportive of Israel, three quarters of American Jews care deeply about Israel and that Israel is an important part of their Jewish identity. American Jews blame the Palestinians for the absence of peace and believe there is little chance that there will be peace.

There are Rabbinical students from both the haredi and the liberal sectors of Judaism that refuse to buy Tallisim made in Israel, and morn Israels Independence on Tisha B'Av. Criticism of Israel crosses the line into anti-Semitism. It is also undeniable that criticism of Israel is considered socially acceptable. George Soros, says anti-Semitism is the result of the policies of Israel and the US. "I'm also very concerned about my own role because the new anti-Semitism holds that the Jews rule the world.”

Anti-Israel Jews helping to erode support for Israel in America, most dangerous aspect of it is spent
developing strategies to subvert American support for Israel. They work within Jewish institutions to alter opinion and seek to influence future generations in public schools. They exploit the openness of Jewish organizations to take over student groups and control internal debates. They get on organization boards, invite anti-Israel speakers to campus and promote dissent based on misinformation. They also infiltrate Israel trips and join anti-Israel activities in the territories.

American Jewish women from the anti-Israel Code Pink organization disturbs prayers at the Kotel in order to teach Israelis about justice and non-violence, unfolding banners on the holy site that read, “American Jews support BDS”, proudly expressed their opposition to the Israeli occupation of Palestine, and pray for an end to the occupation, the root cause of the violence. Dennis Prager says “Leftism” should be understood as a secular religion, Leftist values are identical to their religion’s values.

An Arizona State University student says, “never in their wildest dreams would my parents have imagined that I would feel threatened over the fact that I am Jewish on an American college campus”. The reality of the situation is that anti Semitism makes it difficult to be pro-Israel. It has become the new reality of many college campuses throughout the country.” At Barnard College, a flier campaign, entitled “Speak The Truth,” was intended to combat Israel Apartheid Week, had their fliers vandalized and removed. When Jewish students complain about anti Semitic graffiti including swastikas, bullying to a point of even being afraid to attend class, there calls go unattended on campuses across the nation, with little or no Jewish support groups combating it.

Secular Zionism, offered an alternative to assimilation. Zionism arose as a response to both assimilation and anti Semitism."Israel" with high tech industries, European standards of living and lifestyles, prestigious universities, scientific institutions, and a military of legendary, all this taking place inside a state as a national home for Jews. Israelis Jews are not assimilating into any alien gentile ethnicity or nationality as are so many Diaspora Jews. Israelis would always remain Jewish, even if they know little about Judaism, Hebrew will always be spoken, Jewish holidays will always be celebrated, Jewish symbols will always emerge in the state. Israeli Jews are normal citizens, patriotic being insufferable, proud, confident in themselves and in their military.

Israels leaders in 1993, did the unthinkable, it allowed Yassir Arafat and the PLO to enter Israel giving them entire communities to govern. The right gave the left an opportunity to prove themselves, and they have failed to help the Palestinians achieve sustainability, sovereignty, improve their lives and bring “Peace” in these communities, paying a very heavy price with death and destruction. The right has also failed by not being able to fix the damage, stop the slaughter and also bring “Peace”. An entire generation of Israeli Jewish children has been traumatized.

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