Iran Nuclear Deal – Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) - a Very Bad Deal the World Loves to Stick With

When is the time to walk away – or not to walk away - from a deal that makes the entire world unsafe?

Trump Administration Prepares to Re-Certify Iran Nuclear Deal as Agreement Melts Down

The deadline for the Trump Administration to certify, recertify or decertify the JCPOA is October 15, 2017.

Why President Trump Must Not Re-certify Iranian JCPOA Compliance

President Trump knows that Iran is not in compliance with the nuclear deal it achieved with a western feckless ‘leadership’. However, he is running hot and cold between yes, to recertify it and yes to decertify it. There are no clear signs on his final decision and time to make a decision is fast nearing.

The feckless leadership of the ‘free world’ who have negotiated for 2 long years, not in good faith, a bad deal, without listening to any warning, is now waiting to hear the White House’s roaring decision about the JCPOA.

No matter what, the time has come to make, this time a smart policy decision on Iran in the interest of the U.S., the Middle East, and the entire world. Can Trump think smart and make a right decision?

Iran is not North Korea. Iran's nuclear ambitions are one of the worst challenges the United States and the Western world is facing today. Perhaps one of the most egregious challenges the world’s political echelon ever faced.

We see North Korea threatening the United States and to start a nuclear war in Asia. But Iran is a different story all together.

When the JCPOA expires, Iran a rogue state already, will be a rogue regime with destructive cache of nuclear arms.

 The mullahs and the A-Bomb

What a way to go, signing the JCPOA, Obama and his European cohorts.

When the JCPOA's term is over, Barack Hussein Obama's words were, “the breakout times would have shrunk almost down to zero.” So, after that time, Iran will not only be richer but also stronger and better equipped to pursue its ambitions of regional hegemony domination, to attack Israel, to attack U.S’s allies, such as Saudi Arabia, not to mention the upsurge of its malign terror activities.

What a way to go, signing the JCPOA, Obama and his European cohorts.

Trump was elected to fix the wrongs Obama left behind. The Trump administration has now the opportunity to abrogate the JCPOA, which is a very bad deal and to implement a new and efficient approach to Iran’s behavior. And the world down there by Saudi Arabia is watching his moves.

And the Trump Administration has enough good reasons to tear up the JCPOA.

1/ Under the JCPOA and the UN Security Council Resolution 2231, that adopted the nuclear deal, Iran has not fully complied with its obligations.

Since the JCPOA’s implementation, Iran's activities have constantly breached the agreement. It has constantly tested intercontinental ballistic missiles, has been clandestinely seeking to purchase nuclear material—as reported by German intelligence in 2015 and 2016—, has been blocking the inspectors' access to its military sites, has been amassing more heavy water and centrifuges than the JCPOA ‘permitted’ it to do, and has been belligerent, harassing U.S. navy ships.

2/ Iran has not curved its nuclear ambitions.

3/ it has extended its influence and dominance across the Middle East.

4/ As a state sponsor of terrorism it has continued sponsoring terrorism; has kept on violating its own citizens’ human rights.

All the above should have triggered the alarm bells, but it has not. The European Union, the signatory members of the JCPOA, Russia and China are sheltering Iran. They are not prepared to help fix or repeal the nuclear deal. They could care less what Iran does, they could care less if the world blows up.

And so, Iran is paving its way to building a nuclear bomb. Benjamin Netanyahu, the Prime Minister of Israel, kept on yelling in the United Nations’ Assembly meetings and in front of US congress, ‘this is a very bad deal’ and no one listened. They were all frozen by Iranian charm.

Since the beginning of the nuclear negotiations the alarming facts were ringing but no one listened. The warnings were clear, now they are facts.

No matter how we want to look at it, the hard and inescapable factual truth is that the JCPOA does not fulfill its main goal: to avoid having a nuclear Iran on the world’s map.

 Representatives of the countries signed on the JCPOA

The way the world has been ‘monitoring’ Iran has been erroneous. It has been decoupling this dishonest regime nuclear and non-nuclear activities, as if they were not part of its same expansionist agenda.

Iran’s non-nuclear activities, such as promoting terrorism, support for non-state actors, such as Hezbollah and Hamas—the A-Team of terrorist groups in the world, or the repression of the internal political opposition are all for the same goal: the building of a hegemony Shia crescent, from Iran to Lebanon, via Iraq and Syria, including Yemen and Bahrein. A Tehran-led axis that will threaten Israel and the Arab Sunni States with nuclear weapons and destabilizing forces its waves will be felt globally.

And who is Iran kidding? Who is the West kidding?

Iran’s non-nuclear activities are strongly related to its nuclear ones and, by themselves, justify the decertifying of the JCPOA and the establishment of a more effective and forceful policy on Iran.

And to add fuel to the fire, Iran has audacity. The regime has been openly belligerent. In January, 2017, in the so-called Quds Day, the slogans, “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” were chanted in the streets of Teheran, showing the world that the Iranian regime did not relinquish its plans, death to America and death to Israel is its goal.

Wake up President Donald Trump. You told us you take such threats very seriously. And you, Mr. President, have many good options to choose from. Ambassador John Bolton, Lee Smith, or Emily Landau have presented plans and pathways to put an end to the JCPOA and launch a new foreign policy on Iran.

Trump came to fix what Obama ruined. Unlike the North Korea foolish deal, the world cannot find a to fix, the Trump Administration has the golden opportunity to solve the Iranian problem. It is not too late. Now is the time to reverse the policy on Iran for once and for all, a situation that is detrimental to global security and the security interests of the United States.

The JCPOA is a very bad deal. You do not stick to a bad deal, you walk away from it and take another route.

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