Bennett: 'We've tried surrendering our land, it's time for sovereignty'

December 25, 2016 13:05
1 minute read.

Education Minister Naftali Bennett (Bayit Yehudi) summoned the media to the Western Wall on Sunday to deliver a longer response to the anti-settlement UNSC resolution which passed on Friday night.

"No resolution can change the fact that this land, Jerusalem, is our capital. That's why this resolution, like many of the earlier resolutions, will be thrown into the dustbin of history," he said, echoing Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's earlier comments at the cabinet meeting.Having earlier stated that he will look to take steps towards annexation of settlements, he said "This is a historic day, which contains both danger and opportunity. I choose to see the opportunity."

"It's time for Israel to reevaluate its approach during the past 25 years. The approach where we adopted the Oslo accords, the approach were we gave up territory in Gaza, the approach where we declared the need for a Palestinian state.

"We thought this approach would gain us sympathy from the world, but instead we got tens of thousands of missiles from Gaza, thousands of Israelis murdered on the streets and one condemnation after another. It's time to decide between two alternatives: surrendering our land, or sovereignty.

"We've tried surrendering our land, it didn't work; it is time for sovereignty," he said.

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