Greenpeace to Microsoft: Clean up your (energy) act

June 5, 2012 16:57

Three Greenpeace activists on Tuesday climbed the 20 meter glass wall outside of the Microsoft building in Herzliya.

Activists climbed and then cleaned the huge glass wall of the Microsoft building, and opened a 100 square meter banner from its roof.The stunt was part of Greenpeace's global campaign against Microsoft, which uses coal to power its data centers.

The act of cleaning was symbolic of Greenpeace's demand that Microsoft use "cleaner" or more environmentally-friendly energy resources

The activists' banner showed a replica of a Microsoft error message which reads “still using coal” and "clean up your cloud from coal."

The messages are a reference to Microsoft's data centers, known as the "cloud," which are being powered by what Greenpeace dubs "dirty" or environment-damaging energy.

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