IDF suspends company commander, ejects platoon commander over failings during stabbing attack

March 6, 2016 22:27

The IDF has suspended a company commander and ejected a platoon commander following an inquiry into a stabbing attack at an army post last week near Har Bracha, which resulted in the injury of two soldiers.

Kfir infantry brigade commander Col. Guy Hazot presented the findings of the inquiry to Brig.-Gen. Oren Avman, commander of Division 340. The inquiry found a number of faults in the way soldiers safeguarded their firearms, their commitment to carrying out their missions, and comradeship.

Brig.-Gen. Avman accepted the findings, the IDF Spokesman Unit said.

As a result, the company commander received a written reprimand, and has been suspended from command roles for the coming year.

Additionally, both the platoon commander and platoon sergeant involved in responding to the attack have been ejected from their roles.

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