Iranian official hints at possibility of prisoner swap with US to free journalist

September 4, 2015 20:40

The speaker of Iran's parliament said there were "practical ways" to free Jason Rezaian, the Washington Post's correspondent in Tehran who has been tried on espionage charges, and said a prisoner swap was one possible option.

Ali Larijani, speaking in an interview with NPR aired on Friday, was asked whether there was a way for Rezaian and other Americans held in Iran to be freed.

"There are practical ways of course. For example, there is a number of Iranians in prison here (in the United States) Definitely for matters of this sort, one can come up with solutions. I think your politicians know about those ways," he told NPR, speaking through an interpreter.

When the interviewer asked whether he was referring to a prisoner exchange, Larijani replied: "That's one way. There are other ways that the judiciary systems of the two countries can come up with. It is the judiciary that has to decide about it."

Larijani was interviewed in New York, where he was attending a conference of parliamentary speakers.

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