Jewish spiritual leader, Holocaust survivor Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis dies at 80

August 24, 2016 00:36

Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, an icon of the Jewish community in the US and Israel, passed away on Tuesday evening at the age of 80.

Jungreis is well known for founding New-York-based Jewish outreach organization Hineni along with her late husband. She was an author of four books on the subjects of spirituality and relationships and was a frequent lecturer well into her later years.

Hineni posted a notice of her passing on their website, writing "[o]ur crown has departed. Our glory is gone."

She was born in 1936 in Szeged, Hungary, the daughter of the city's Chief Rabbi Avroham Halevi Jungreis. After surviving Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, the surviving members of the Jungreis family eventually settled in New York in 1947.

Along with her husband Rabbi Meshuelem Halevi Jungreis, the pair became spiritual leaders in the New York Jewish community. They founded Hineni in an attempt to quell growing assimilation that they saw throughout American Jewry.

A funeral will be held at the Agudath Israel of Long Island synagogue on Wednesday at 11:00 AM in Far Rockaway, New York.

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