Libya's NTC denies abuse of black Africans

GENEVA - Libya's National Transitional Council (NTC) pledged on Monday to treat foreigners accused of fighting for ousted leader Muammar Gaddafi well, and denied that anti-Gaddafi fighters had committed systematic abuse of Africans.
Throughout the uprising against Gaddafi's 42-year rule, his opponents have accused Gaddafi of hiring fighters from neighboring countries like Nigeria, Niger, Chad, Mali and Sudan. That has led to fears of mistreatment of blacks now that the former rebels are in charge.A UN commission of inquiry on Libya, which has not been able to enter the country since Gaddafi was driven from power, said it had received many reports of ill-treatment of black Africans and dark-skinned Libyans by anti-Gaddafi fighters.
Media reports from Libya have shown cowed blacks herded into trucks and raised accusations of summary executions. Blacks captured by anti-Gaddafi forces have told Reuters that they were innocent migrant workers mistaken for Gaddafi fighters.
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