Livni blasts Netanyahu on Trajtenberg, demands new budget

October 4, 2011 13:08

Opposition leader Tzipi Livni blasted Prime Minister Netanyahu Tuesday for failing to set a new agenda, saying his "failed" policies have led to a "farce" in the government.

"We cannot end the issues with minor changes and moving money from sector to sector in the [Knesset] Finance Committee and relying on the Trajtenberg committee speech," Livni said.

"Netanyahu's failed attempts to buy votes in the government instead of accepting the decisions I laid out led to the farce that occurred yesterday in the government." Netanyahu postponed a cabinet vote on the Trajtenberg committee's findings Monday after failing to gain backing from a majority of ministers.

Livni demanded that Netanyahu submit a new budget for 2012 increasing the age for free compulsory education, subsidizing day care and funding affordable housing projects.

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