N.Korea military parade shows succession on course

September 9, 2011 11:25

SEOUL - North Korean leader Kim Jong-il flanked by his son reviewed a military parade of goose-stepping North Korean soldiers in Pongyang's central square on Friday, underlining a planned third generation of dynastic rule is on track.

Kim and his son Kim Jong-un marked the 63rd anniversary of the state's founding standing atop a dais as troops, multiple rockets launchers, howitzers, and other weapons passed by and thousands of people thronged the square waving red and pink bouquets of what looked like paper flowers.

A giant portrait of the state's founder and "eternal president" Kim Il-sung was carried by the soldiers.

The two Kims applauded and briefly chatted during the parade on national television, which analysts said was a clear signal to the public as the country flexed its military power.

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