Netanyahu extends thanks to US for 'unprecedented' and 'historic' aide package

September 14, 2016 20:10
1 minute read.

Following the official announcement concerning the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Israel and the United States on Tuesday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called the "unprecedented" deal "historic" and personally thanked US President Barack Obama for the aide.

"In a short while an historic agreement will be signed by Israel and the United States in Washington DC," Netanyahu's statement begins."This unprecedented agreement will ensure Israel maintains a strategic military edge over the next decade," said Netanyahu, adding "which is largest military aide package ever given to any other nation."

"This agreement will help Israel continue to build its armed forces and  continue to improve our anti-missile defense systems," he continued. "Which of course a very important achievement for Israel."

The premier then extended his gratitude to president of the United States and efforts by US lawmakers to come to a bi-partisan agreement on the issue.

"I would like to thank President Obama and his administration on this historic agreement. I also thank the many many our friends in the US Congress, and the American people... whose support cuts across political parties."

"Many in the US understands Israel's security investment strengthens stability in the Middle East," Netanyahu added, concluding that the deal "serves not only the Israel's security interests, but also the security interests of the United States."

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