Ohana: 'What is going on in the Islamic world has to change.'

November 26, 2016 11:54

Knesset member Amir Ohana released a statement on Saturday issuing a warning to both the Islamic world and to the rest of the world.

Speaking at a cultural event in Herzliya, Ohana said "It's time for the Islamic world to do some deep soul-searching. If there are moderate sources-show leadership." Ohana mentioned that while nations in the world are competing in science and technological developments he referred to the Islamic world as "who are the ones exploding buses, cafes, shopping centers and restaurants? Who are the ones cutting heads off, killing babies in their sleep?"

Ohana also mentioned the fires that have struck Israel in the past few days, indicating thy were ignited as nationalistic acts. "Who are the forest arsons and the ones flying planes into buildings? What is going on in the Islamic world has to change- and it can change."

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