Peretz: Histadrut improperly aiding Yacimovich campaign

September 20, 2011 14:58

The campaign of Labor leader candidate Amir Peretz has an issued a complaint to the retired judge overseeing the elections, alleging that Histadrut Labor Federation facilities are being used improperly to help get Shelly Yacimovich elected as Labor chairperson.

The allegations came after Histadrut chairman Ofer Eini announced his support for Yacimovich, who is Peretz's opponent in a run-off election for the leadership of the Labor Party scheduled to take place on Wednesday.

The Yacimovich camp called the allegations "spin" that had no basis in reality.

"The workers know well who has loyally represented them and therefore they will choose her," Army Radio quoted representatives of Yacimovich as saying.

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