Politico poll: 50% of US think Obama won't have second term

November 17, 2010 13:06

About half of Americans believe that US President Barack Obama will not be re-elected to the presidency, according to a Politico poll published on Wednesday.

The Politico poll, however, found a large gap between Washington policy-making elites and the general population on Obama's political prospects and the meaning of the recent midterm election results.Sixty-one percent of Washington policymakers polled believed that the midterm election results signified "disapproval for Washington DC as a whole," while only 36% of the general population felt that way.

Moreover, while 22% of those polled thought that the elections showed disapproval for Obama's job as president, only 14% of policymakers felt that way. In fact, 49 percent of policymakers believed that Obama would still go on to win a second term in office.

Most interestingly, and contrary to much political punditry of late, members of the general populace were significantly less pessimistic of the US's future than policymakers. Thirty four percent of general respondents felt pessimistic about the direction the country was moving in after the midterm elections, as compared to 56% of policymakers polled.

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