Shas: Haredim in bad position following Kadima's withdrawal

July 17, 2012 23:10

A source in the Shas party said Tuesday night that the situation following Kadima's withdrawal from the coalition was the worst possible outcome for the haredi community. Kadima voted to leave the government following failed attempts to reach an agreement with Likud over equalizing the burden of national service.

“If a new law is not passed by August 1, which seems very likely, it will be the first time since the beginning of the state that there won't be a legal framework for yeshiva students to remain in full time-learning,” he said, referring to the expiry date of the Tal Law.

“This is very worrying for us because the state is a country with the rule of law, and on August 1 the decision on whether to draft the haredim and how to do that will rest, legally, in the hands of the defense minister, which will be very problematic.”

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