Texas governor: Prosecute US flotilla participants

Americans planning to breach Israel's blockade of Gaza by participating in the upcoming flotilla should be prosecuted through "all available legal remedies," Texas Governor Rick Perry said in a letter he sent to US Attorney General Eric Holder on Tuesday.
Perry stressed in the letter that the "acts of funding, supporting, organizing and engaging in [flotilla] efforts appears to constitute: participation in a naval expedition against a people with whom the United States is at peace; the furnishing of a vessel with the intent that it be employed to commit hostilities against a people with whom the United States is at peace; and the provision of material support or resources to a foreign terrorist organization."
He added that these acts present "a danger to the security of America's closest ally in the Middle East, bolsters the Hamas terrorist organization and further endangers human life."
Perry called on the US Justice Department to "take immediate steps to investigate, enjoin and bring to justice all parties found to be in violation of US law by their participation in these efforts."