Wikileaks: Kerry said Israel should return Golan to Syria

US Senator John Kerry said he believed Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu needs to compromise and work the return of the Golan Heights to Syria into a formula for peace. Kerry made the statement to the Amir of Qatar in a February meeting between the two, according to a US State Department cable leaked on the Wikileaks website on Sunday.
Kerry's assertion came in response to the Amir's belief that peace between Israel and the Palestinians should be attempted only after Syria-Israel peace was achieved, and that the Golan Heights was of the utmost importance in attaining that peace.Kerry added that he believes Syrian President Bashar Assad wants change, but that he must compromise and act like more of a statesman in order to attain it.
The senator added that he believed Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas was not strong enough to make necessary compromises with Israel that can lead to peace.
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