Wikileaks: Nicaragua government took bribes

December 8, 2010 05:45

MEXICO CITY — US diplomats accuse Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega's government of taking bribes from drug traffickers and receiving "suitcases full of cash" from Venezuelan officials, according to confidential documents released this week by WikiLeaks.

The leaked documents from the US Embassy in Managua, Nicaragua, allege that Ortega has used drug money to finance campaigns for the Sandinista National Liberation Front. The money from international drug traffickers is "usually in return for ordering Sandinista judges to allow traffickers caught by the police and military to go free," reads a May 5, 2006, cable from an embassy official.The official said that in one 2005 case, a Supreme Court judge "coordinated a complicated scheme to make 609,000 dollars in drug money seized from two Colombians 'disappear' from a Supreme Court account."

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