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Leumi Bank's Board of Directors has recommended that Leumi UK appoint Mickey Friedman as gen. manager of Bank Leumi UK in place of Baruch Lederman while Friedman will be replaced as manager of the central branch by Shuki Burstein.

September 25, 2007 08:11
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shuki burstein 88 224

shuki burstein 88 224. (photo credit: Courtesy photo)

TWO MAJOR bakeries that were founded in Jerusalem and spread out to the rest of the country have been rivals for 80 years. One is Angel's, founded in 1927 and the other is Berman's founded in 1875. Headquartered within easy walking distance of each other, their combined aromas float across several neighborhoods extending from Kiryat Moshe to Har Nof. In recent years, both have expanded considerably - Angel's more so with a chain of its own bread and cake shops as well as a chain of coffee shops. But the Berman's holdings include other bakeries, which, in the final analysis, makes it a larger enterprise than Angel's. Ne'eman Bakery, established a few years after Angel's, has also branched out from baked goods to coffee shop and, although the company has grown considerably, remains nowhere near the size of Angel's or Berman's. Yet, while Berman's as a brand name may continue to exist, the family is pulling out of the flour and water business and focusing on another kind of dough. Yitzhak Berman, a fourth generation baker, who started working in the family business more than 40 years ago and who was the company's main shareholder, has sold out his interests to Mishkei Harei Yehuda, an agricultural cooperative in the Jerusalem Corridor, for a reported sum of NIS 350 million. THE JEZREEL Valley Academic College has appointed veteran newsman Moshe Shlonski as head of its communications department. The appointment is in line with the construction of a state-of-the-art communications center with the most sophisticated studios and equipment designed to give students the best kind of practical experience to prepare them for careers in journalism, public relations, advertising and other fields of communication. Shlonski is a former Commander-in-Chief of Army Radio. Among other things for which he will be responsible is encouraging student initiative in all fields of communication. He is not the only well-known figure from the communications industry to join the College faculty staff. Among the others are Zohair Bahloul, Yaron Vilenski, Zvi Barel and Yoav Toker. THE EUROPEAN Federation for Rehabilitation Research has elected Prof. Haim Ring, head of the Neurological Rehabilitation department at Loewenstein Hospital, as its president. The election took place during the 9th international conference of the EFRR that was held in Budapest. The Federation is multi-disciplined and includes members who work in a broad range of rehabilitation professions. LEUMI BANK'S Board of Directors has recommended that Leumi UK appoint Mickey (Menachem) Friedman as general manager of Bank Leumi UK in place of Baruch Lederman while Friedman will be replaced as manager of the central branch of the bank by Shuki Burstein. Lederman has been transferred back home to head Leumi's banking department. Friedman, 56, has been with Leumi for 33 years and is familiar with the bank's operations from A-Z. Burstein, 48, is currently deputy manager for capital markets. He has been with Leumi for 19 years. THERE WAS a time when people sought jobs in which they would spend all of their working lives. Stability was the name of the game, and it was very disconcerting when someone was let go and had to once again go out and look for a job. For some people, for whom change was difficult, the experience was totally traumatic. But nowadays few people want to stay in the same place for more than three or four years. Case in point is Hezi Meshita who spent three hectic, intensive years as CEO of Or Yarok (Green Light), a non-profit organization dedicated to trying to find ways to stop road accidents. Meshita says that his time with Or Yarok was riveting and exciting, but the time has come to move on. He did, however, yield to the request of Or Yarok chairman and founder Avi Naor to serve as a member on the Or Yarok Council and the Ran Foundation. The latter is named for Naor's son who was killed in a traffic accident several years ago. Naor said that as a member of the Council, Meshita can continue to contribute from his vast experience. THE APEX Company, which is part of the Matrix Group, has appointed Nadav Perrie, 28, as head of the Apex Company's projects division. Perrie will be responsible for initiating, developing and coordinating CRM projects. He will also be responsible for expanding the company's consultancy market and broadening the hi-tech processing base of the company's overseas operations. Perrie holds degrees from Bar-Ilan and Ben-Gurion Universities. His previous position was as head of strategic projects at Tescom International, which specializes in quality guarantee and program inspection. THE ISRAEL Corporation has announced the appointment of Alon Raveh as Vice President Strategic Business Development. Raveh, 38, and married with two children, is both an accountant and a lawyer by profession with degrees from London University and Tel Aviv University, where he was an honors student at both. He comes to the Israel Corporation from Delek Paz, where he was Vice President for Strategic Development. He was also Vice President of Finances at Bino Holdings. For Paz, he handled the acquisition of the Ashdod Refinery and the successful floating of the company on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. He was also responsible for mergers and acquisitions and contacts with the company's investors. In addition, he managed the Paz Natural Gas project.

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