More wine, more gas - Pessah buying up to NIS 3.5b.

Overall, Israelis will spend 22% more during Pessah than they do for a non-holiday week according to the FICC, which also expects fuel purchases to rise some 15%.

March 29, 2007 07:10
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pessah flowers biz 88 29. (photo credit: Courtesy photo)

Consumers are projected to spend some NIS 3.5 billion for the Pessah holiday, with the Federation of Israeli Chambers of Commerce estimating that NIS 1.5b. of that amount will be food-related. Overall, Israelis will spend 22 percent more during Pessah than they do for a non-holiday week according to the FICC, which also expects fuel purchases to rise 15% and restaurant business to increase 17% as many Israelis will be traveling around the country during the holiday. Leading up to the holiday, sales of food-items have increased approximately NIS 155 million over last year, with wine and alcohol sales expected to reach NIS 270m., a rise of 8% over Pessah 2006, the FICC said. Matza sales have risen some NIS 31m., while sales of meat and poultry have grown by a combined NIS 36m. in the month before Pessah. Meanwhile, Israeli flower exporters have boosted shipments by as much as 10% over the weeks leading up to the holiday, ensuring that Israeli flowers will be gracing Pessah tables in cities across Europe next week. Despite the fact that the first half of the winter was unusually dry, Israel has exported 1.5 billion flowers for profits of NIS 80m. during this year's winter flower season, which stretches from October to March, according to the Association of Israeli Flower growers. In preparation for the increased exports before Pessah, Israeli growers have been focusing on two flowers in particular, the lily and the anemone, and according to Berto Levi, information systems manager at the Aviv Corporation, workers have been picking more than 150,000 of the flowers daily over the last few weeks. While Israel exports 85% of its flowers, sales at home of locally grown flowers have also increased leading up to Pessah, according to the Association. Separately, the Manufacturer's Association of Israel reported this week that 25% of manufacturers this year are giving their workers gifts as holiday bonuses, instead of vouchers, as opposed to 2006, when 96% of manufacturers gave their employees vouchers as holiday bonuses. The Association also noted that approximately NIS 1.8b. worth of bonuses are going to be given out before Pessah - 10% more than last year.

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