Timeline of the war in Lebanon

September 25, 2006 14:28
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Israel emphasizes its target is Hizbullah, not Lebanese people. 500,000 have been dispThe war in Lebanon: A Timeline July 12: Hizbullah kills three IDF soldiers on border patrol and captures two more, Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, in an onslaught that included heavy Katyusha and mortar fire. Four more IDF soldiers died when their tank was blown up as the IDF moved into Lebanon in response. IDF masses troops along the northern border in preparation for a major military operation against Hizbullah and the Lebanese government. July 13: Hizbullah fires Katyusha rockets that kill two in Haifa and Nahariya while the IDF lays siege to Lebanon, imposing a naval blockade and bombing Beirut's international airport; up to a million ordered into shelters; IAF performing around the clock raids, attacking targets throughout Lebanon. July 14: An Iranian radar-guided missile fired by Hizbullah strikes a Navy missile ship off the Lebanese coast, killing four soldiers; a woman and her grandson are killed when a Katyusha rocket hit their home in the community of Meron, near Safed. July 15: Defense Minister Amir Peretz declares martial law throughout the North; rockets strike Tiberius, the southernmost point since the war began. July 16: Eight killed in rocket attack at Haifa railway depot; G-8 leaders lean to Israel's view that it was provoked. Send out 'strong message' to end Middle East fighting July 20: US Marines land in Beirut to evacuate Americans. Gov'ts scramble to pull out thousands of other foreigners laced, creating 'humanitarian crisis'

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