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Is there truly a guarantee that Judaism will thrive if you only form relationships with those within the religion? If I'm friends with people of other religions, does this mean that Judaism will not survive through me?

September 25, 2007 13:21
cynthia kane

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Limited interactions I am a twenty-seven year old American Jew. I am not religious. I do not keep Kosher, attend services other than the high-holidays, and I do not follow the laws of the Torah. Many may say that I am the byproduct of assimilation. It has been said that as Jews become more secure as individuals, the American Jews, as a people, become weaker. My grandmother is an eighty-eight-year-old Jew. She is religious; she keeps Kosher, attends services at the nursing home she now lives in, and follows the laws of the Torah. My grandmother is first generation American, and growing up Jewish in the early 1900s was faced with many obstacles. Although we are both Jews, the way in which we chose to be Jewish is different, for instance, with regard to the way we live our lives and the relationships we form on a daily basis. To this day my grandmother has had only one non-Jewish friend. Her name? Gretchen. Read the rest of this blog

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