At Durban II: A shift is needed on American campuses

Jewish students must stop acting cowardly when events like Israel Apartheid Week sprout up.

April 19, 2009 13:55
At Durban II: A shift is needed on American campuses

durban new neturei karta 248 88. (photo credit: AP [file])

shift is needed on American campuses We must all thank Ahmadinejad for legitimating our long-said message to the world. For too long, Israel has been singled out by the United Nations: the special committees established to investigate the actions of Israel and only Israel; the endless resolutions passed against Israel; the special status granted to Palestinian refugees, which allows them to remain refugees despite being citizens of Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, and yes, Switzerland too. I spoke with a Palestinian refugee just the other day who had citizenship in Canada before moving to Switzerland, where he now resides as a full citizen. Read the rest of this blog

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