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Transplanted rhetoric and sociology professor explores "Israeliness."

September 20, 2006 14:09
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pomegranate 88. (photo credit: )

Dead posies It is possible to kill flowers. It is possible to kill flowers while living in Israel. It is possible to kill flowers while living in Israel during the rainy season. Who knew? I am culpable for the demise of my family's geraniums. I could have/should have/would have drilled, or insisted that one of my menfolk drill, holes in the bottom of all of my windowboxes had I thought events through. I didn't. I hoped for the rain. I prayed for the rain. I waited for the rain. I danced and sang and otherwise frolicked when the rain arrived. Yet, I hadn't contemplated my flowers. Those cultivars had begun a long cascade down the fa ade of the building in which our home sits on the top floor (see: "Domestic Technology Woes, Part II"). Those cultivars were pretty in pink, in purple, and in red. Those cultivars had been trucked in from a yeshuv near Chashmonaim (I am likewise guilty of introducing a friend, living in Chashmonaim, to that yeshuv's greenhouse. I've already owned, to that friend's husband, my part in creating my friend's new spendthrift behavior). Those cultivars were planted in windowboxes sans holes. Read the rest of this blog »

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