Emboldened by the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Islamist militia Hamas escalated its rocket fire and terror activity against Israel over recent weeks to intolerable levels, forcing Israeli leaders to launch a major military operation to suppress the rocket barrages and restore deterrence along the volatile Gaza border. The outcome of the latest clashes between Israel and Hamas remains uncertain, but what is clear is that the Iron Dome rocket shield and the political uprisings of the Arab Spring have dramatically shifted the dynamics of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Breaking point

The latest round of fighting erupted in mid-November after three recent spikes in rocket barrages on southern Israel ended in shaky cease-fires brokered by Egypt. The rockets then began flying yet again, but what triggered the IDF operation was actually a series of crossborder terror attacks on the ground which confirmed that Hamas itself was brazenly engaged once again in “armed struggle” against Israel, and not just allowing junior terror militias to do the dirty work.


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