Dutch man offers money on Facebook to kill ‘devilish’ Jewish neighbor

“I have one desire in my life: To tear out this nest of devils.”

Facebook (photo credit: ILLUSTRATIVE: REUTERS)
AMSTERDAM — A Dutch man offered on Facebook to pay 10,000 euros, or about or $11,500, to anyone willing to kill his Jewish neighbor.
The man posted the message recently, along with anti-Semitic statements, in connection with his long quarrel with his apartment building neighbor, Gabriela Hirschberg, and her partner, The De Telegraaf daily reported. The report did not name the man.
“I have one desire in my life: To tear out this nest of devils,” he wrote in reference to Hirschberg’s apartment. Naming his neighbors, he added: “Each head is worth 10,000 euros to me.”
Telegraaf did not specify the anti-Semitic statements that the paper reported he attached to that message.
The neighbor also wrote: “Anyone may come along as long as I have the pleasure of punching the lights out.” Facebook followers offered to come and help find “a final solution” to the problem — language that echoes Nazi rhetoric about Jews during the Holocaust.
The two neighbors have been in conflict since 2009, when Hirschberg complained to police about the neighbor for excessive noise, Telegraaf reported. They have since filed multiple complaints against each other, including for destruction of property.
Hirschberg told the paper she sometimes sleeps away from her apartment out of fear of her neighbors, adding that the conflict has cost her one job and has caused her so much stress that it is creating medical complications.
The neighbor said she is “turning it around” and that he suspects she hacked his family’s email account.
A police detective is investigating the Facebook message, a spokesperson told De Telegraaf.