Live coverage: Nakba Day protests

'The Jerusalem Post' reported live as Palestinians mourned the creation of the State of Israel.

May 14, 2012 14:34
Palestinian children commemorate Nakba Day.

Palestinian children commemorate Nakba Day.. (photo credit: REUTERS/Sharif Karim)

The Jerusalem Post reported live on Tuesday, as hundreds attended Nakba Day protests in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Nakba Day – or the “day of catastrophe” – is the day Palestinians mark the establishment of the State of Israel and its subsequent refugee crisis.

Amid concerns that violence would break out, the IDF beefed up forces and anti-riot teams along Israel’s borders. The IDF was concerned that it would face a repeat of last year’s Nakba Day protests when nearly 100 Syrians succeeded in crossing into Israel from the Golan Heights.

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