Security increased around Egyptian embassy in Tel Aviv

Police deployed around building on Basel Street in light of Cairo embassy raid; "Jordanian forces deployed around Israeli embassy in Amman."

Egypt embassy in Tel Aviv 311 (photo credit: REUTERS/ Nir Elias )
Egypt embassy in Tel Aviv 311
(photo credit: REUTERS/ Nir Elias )
Security was heightened around the Egyptian embassy in Israel on Sunday following the violent siege on the Israeli embassy in Cairo over the weekend.
Police officers and detectives from several stations in Tel Aviv were stationed around the embassy compound on Basel Street in the city.
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Despite the increase in security, there was no specific warning of the intention to harm the diplomatic corps stationed there.
In light of the attacks, security around the Israeli embassy in Jordan, which is located in Amman, was reinforced over the weekend, according to reports from Arab media sources.
Eyewitnesses reported that two armored vehicles and a number of security forces were deployed in the street leading to the embassy in the Jordanian capital.
The incident in Cairo began on Friday when a mob that reportedly numbered some 5,000 people congregated outside the building that houses the embassy, which was closed at the time, but which was being guarded inside by the six security guards.
The crowd started demolishing the wall that was erected recently around the building, and by 12:30 a.m. made it into the embassy where they broke into the consular section and the embassy’s archive, setting fires and breaking windows. With the Arab television networks filming, the Israeli flag was once again pulled down and set aflame, to cheers from the throng below.