'Settlers vandalize, set fire to West Bank mosque'

Palestinians, Rabbis for Human Rights report mosque near Nablus vandalized in apparent "price tag" attack following Migron demolitions.

price tag graffiti mosque 311 R (photo credit: REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini)
price tag graffiti mosque 311 R
(photo credit: REUTERS/Abed Omar Qusini)
Settlers set fire to a mosque south of Nablus early Monday morning, in an apparent "price tag" attack following the earlier demolition of three homes in the Migron outpost, the Ma'an news agency quoted Palestinian sources as saying.
Ma'an quoted the sources as saying the settlers stormed the mosque in the West Bank village of Qusara, smashing glass and setting fire to a number of tires within the mosque.
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Rabbis for Human Rights corroborated the report, saying that the building was also vandalized with graffiti and the fire damaged the first floor of the structure in which the mosque is housed, but did not destroy it.
The organization also speculated that the arson incident was a "price tag" attack in retribution for the demolition at  Migron. "Price tag" is a phrase right-wing settlers have adopted to signal retribution for any Israeli moves against settlement-outposts built without government authorization.
A Palestinian official also responded to the incident, saying, "This is not the first attack perpetrated by settlers against a mosque. We call on the Quartet to intervene and put an end to this matter."
Judea and Samaria Police received a report from the IDF about the mosque and were investigating the incident.
Police added that the mosque was not in use, and did not have holy books in it.
Vandals also sprayed the message "Social justice for Ali Ein and Migron" on the walls. Ali Ein is another West Bank outpost which has had illegal structures demolished.
Police officers entered the mosque to retrieve forensic findings.