The Hong Kong Solution

The Hong Kong precedent is not a blueprint for achieving a wholesale Israeli-Palestinian peace agreement, but it might just provide a useful element in constructing a workable solution.

Hong Kong 370 (photo credit: REUTERS/Bobby Yip)
Hong Kong 370
(photo credit: REUTERS/Bobby Yip)
US Secretary of State John Kerry has sternly warned the world’s media to desist from idle speculation about the progress of the Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations. All parties to the discussions are sworn to secrecy, he announced, and authoritative statements will emanate from him and him alone. He must have known he was whistling in the wind. With information deliberately withheld, speculation and rumors are bound to flourish.
Even before substantive discussions began, there was a widespread feeling that the parties to the current negotiations have been round the course many times, and that something innovative or new was required to break through long-standing and apparently immutable positions.