A host of tabernacles

Some people go all out to invite their succa guests in.

October 15, 2006 08:28
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breslaur sukka 88 298

breslaur sukka 88 298. (photo credit: Davud Deutsch)

Considering that the succa is one of the most transient constructions on earth, designed to last for eight days and used mainly for eating (and sometimes sleeping), it is amazing how much time, effort and imagination people invest in it. Some start with a balcony or patio and put up walls, which are often no more than pinned-up sheets. Some build the entire succa in an empty space. The inner d cor can be as varied as human nature itself. For some people it's enough to hang up some paper chains and a lantern or two. For others there is no limit to the creation of a beautiful succa - all it takes is talent, faith and an artistic bent. The following are some of the succas to be seen around Ra'anana and Kfar Saba. The Wollsteins of Kfar Saba hung a picture of the Western Wall, complete with notepapers and pencils for visitors to write prayers. The Breslauers invited guests with the same names as the patriarchs, which is why they have Abraham Lincoln and David Beckham among their ushpizin. The Loewentals of Ra'anana built their succa on the patio next to the pool, while the Even-Chens of Kfar Saba crammed so many decorative elements into their balcony succa that there wasn't a spare centimeter without something pinned to it. All so different and all beautiful in their own way.

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