About me: Hernan Becerra Alvarez

March 14, 2007 14:06
About me: Hernan Becerra Alvarez

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Residence: Bogota, Colombia Married? With children? Yes, three children Occupation: Sworn Translator and Interpreter Education: University Pets: Nope, allergic Religious affiliation / observance: None Last person / party I voted for: Alvaro Uribe Velez our President Family history (100 words max): Born from a Jewish mother, the last of three children, widow, remarried, three children but just the last one at home, the two older already flew away from home, my wife is an economist, hard worker. Favorite holiday and why? Roshashana. Everything is new On Friday night, I... Pray and light candles at home Comfort food: Milk and lamb My mentor: Mahatma Gandhi 3 wishes: Just one: Educating my youngest son in Israel. TRY ONE YOURSELF

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