A ticking BOMB

The violence in east Jerusalem might have been triggered by the murder of Muhammad Abu Khdeir and the Gaza offensive, but trouble has been brewing for a long time.

July 31, 2014 12:28

Policemen detain a Palestinian during clashes in Wadi Joz last Friday.. (photo credit: REUTERS)

On Sunday, an attempt to detonate a car full of explosives linked to gas canisters was prevented thanks to the vigilance of a few border guards at the checkpoint near Tzur Hadassah. The planned act of terror was allegedly in retaliation for the situation in Gaza. The evening before, a group of young Jews in the Neveh Ya’acov neighborhood assaulted two young Arabs, who ended up at Hadassah University Medical Center, seriously wounded. Add that to the last few weeks of riots and increasing violence in the Arab sector, and it seems that the relative calm in the capital’s Arab community in recent years is reaching a breaking point.

Many observers warn that Jerusalem may be on the edge of a third intifada that could break out at any moment, considering the damage that the recent riots have caused, as well as Hamas members’ repeated calls for the younger Arab generation to attack anything that represents Israeli sovereignty in order to express solidarity with the Palestinians in Gaza. But others still believe that this is just another instance of the Arab community expressing frustration and anger and that it will not go too far, as the Arab residents of the city have certain advantages that they will not want to endanger.


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