Head to Head #1: The Green Line

Two people representing two very different ideas square off in a new JPost.com feature.

December 6, 2006 12:46
Head to Head #1: The Green Line

israel topo map 298.88. (photo credit: Courtesy)

Head to Head is a new weekly feature in JPost.com in which two people face off on a controversial issue that's making headlines

Head to Head #1: The Green Line
Education Minister Yuli Tamir sparked a widespread debate on Tuesday after she decided to reinstate the Green Line in all maps taught in state schools. Pro: MK Dov Khenin (Hadash) The question of Israel's borders is part of an important political debate, and it is important that students recognize the Green Line, which was the international Israeli border until 1967. It is even more vital that they understand that it will also be our border in the future (click on title above to read full text). Con: MK Benny Elon (NU-NRP) Since Tamir is unable to deliver her message, the only easy way that she found was to spoil our children and misguide them with the Green Line's borders by adding it to the educational curriculum (click on title above to read full text).

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