ALUT Children’s Excursion to Sataf

KKL-JNF’s Education Division organizes a special trip for a group of youngsters from the Israeli Society for Autistic Children (ALUT), with the support of Friends of JNF Canada.

September 7, 2016 17:18
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ALUT Children’s Excursion to Sataf . (photo credit: KKL-JNF)

Thousands of children and teenagers with special needs and serious illnesses took part over the summer in activities organized specially for them by KKL-JNF: excursions, overnight camping, day camps and fun days in the open air. All these activities took place with the support of KKL-JNF’s Friends in Canada. 

“It’s wonderful that we have an opportunity like this to get out on a family excursion together with staff who accompany us and help us,” said Assaf Degani, who, together with his family, took part in a trip to the Sataf Springs as part of an ALUT group for children with autism. 
These wonderful activities, which are organized by KKL-JNF’s Education Division in conjunction with twenty groups of children with a variety of disabilities, were made possible thanks to donations from the 14th Annual JNF Golf Classic tournament in Toronto in 2015. 

“Our ambition is to make nature accessible to everyone, and imbue all sectors of the population with an appreciation of nature, the environment and Zionism,” declared Dudu Ashkenazi, Training and Activities Director of KKL-JNF’s Education and Youth Division. “Around a thousand KKL-JNF sites throughout Israel have been made accessible to people with disabilities. Projects like these require a great deal of investment, and of course we couldn’t do all this without the help of our Friends all over the world.” 

Some twenty families from all parts of Israel who are coping with the challenges of raising an autistic child took part in the trip to Sataf on August 25th. “We regard our population as ordinary people in every way, who, like anyone else, want to go on family excursions and enjoy nature and the outdoors together,” emphasized Eytan Mizrahi, Director-General of ALUT. 

Uri and Ada Sher came to Sataf from Beersheba together with their seven-year-old daughter Adi. “The trip is challenging, but very enjoyable,” said Uri. “Getting out into nature does Adi good, and it’s important for us to experience all this together with her.” 

While her father was being interviewed, Adi sat and listened patiently and with great interest to the explanations provided by the KKL-JNF guide. “I love nature and enjoy the scenery,” she told us. “It’s fun to follow the route and cope with all the obstacles along the way. It’s nice to go on a trip with mommy and daddy, and to get to meet new friends, too.” 

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